CFF1-270R – 3M CUROS disinfection plugs for needle-free connectors (270 / box; 10 box / case)


Product description
The Curos Port Protector is a simple, innovative, disposable infection control product intended for use on swabbable luer access valves as a disinfecting cleaner prior to line access and to act as a physical barrier to contamination between line accesses. Curos will disinfect the valve three minutes after application and act as a physical barrier to contamination for up to 7 days if not removed. Effectively disinfects luer-lock needleless valves, killing the organisms associated with catheter-related bloodstream infections. Assures high visibility compliance with hospital infection control protocols – the vibrant green cap is easy to see and will not be confused with other color-indicated therapies Protects iv access ports and needleless connectors between accesses – keeping ports always protected and clean Minimizes packaging waste Simply peel off the seal and twist Curos Port Protector disinfection cap over the top of a luer-activated IV access port. Inside this revolutionary green cap is a 70% IPA (isopropyl alcohol) saturated sponge-like foam. Once secured, the Curos Port Protector automatically provides effective, consistent and reliable passive disinfection of the port.

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Quantity in pcs in package: 270

Min quantity to order: 270

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