9096 Shoulder sleeve 54 cm


In addition to the extensive range of surgical covers and sets, 3M also offers additional components as a supplement.

The arm cover is made of a viscose material on polyethylene film and a 100% polyester sleeve.

Durable material (foil and viscose).
Liquid impermeable
The material is also hard-wearing and lint-free both in dry and wet environments
Material meets all requirements according to EN13795
Meets Flammability Class 1 (CFR Title 16 Part 1610).
CE marked, indicating that the product has undergone a specified conformity and evaluation procedure.

Product Categories: ASPHETICS OF SURGICAL ASSOCIATIONS, Steri Drape 9000 Surgical drapes, Steri Drape Surgical drapes

Sales unit: package

Quantity in pcs in package: 100

Min quantity to order: 100

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