9048 A serviette with adhesive cut-out “U” 228 x 260 cm (20 x 40 cm)


Brand Steri-Drape
Length 102 Inch
Length (Metric) 260 cm
Model 9048
Procedure Neurology
Product Type Fabric Drapes
Product Use Procedure Specific
Trademark Steri-Drape
Width 90 Inch
Width (Metric) 228 cm
Product Details
90 Inch x 102 Inch
90 inches x 102 inches (228cm x 260cm) Adhesive Split Sheet, absorbent prevention fabric, split, 7 inches x 15 inches (20cm x 40cm)

Suggested Applications
Draping used during surgical procedures

Product Categories: ASPHETICS OF SURGICAL ASSOCIATIONS, Steri Drape 9000 Surgical drapes, Steri Drape Surgical drapes

Sales unit: package

Quantity in pcs in package: 15

Min quantity to order: 15

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