9002 Orthopedic set without a tablecloth on the Mayo table


Product Details
Steri-Drape™ Orthopaedic Surgical Pack without Mayo. includes Operation Tapes (3x), Hand Towels (4x), Legging (35cm x 100cm), Adhesive Drape Sheet (183cm x 183cm), Adhesive Split Sheet (228cm x 260cm), Adhesive Drape Sheet (250cm x 150cm) and an Instrument Table Cover(250cm x 150cm). 5 Packs/Box, 2 Boxes/per Case

Steri-Drape™ Orthopaedic Surgical Drapes material is exceding the requirements of EN13795 and is resistant to fluid strike through.

Resistant to fluid strike through fabric. Absorbent fabric helps to reduce exposure to blood and body fluid run off with consequently reduced cleaning time between operations.
Reliable 2-inch adhesive strip secures the drapes to the skin
Same absorbent prevention fabric used for the back table cover, this material is stronger and more absorbent than the standard back table cover
With adhesive which keeps the drape in place. The adhesive does not leave residues on skin or gloves
Meets flammability class 1 (CFR Title 16 Part 1610).

Product Categories: ASPHETICS OF SURGICAL ASSOCIATIONS, Steri Drape 9000 SET Surgical drapes, Steri Drape Surgical drapes

Sales unit: package

Quantity in pcs in package: 5

Min quantity to order: 10

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