Exact positioning with new articulating headrest

Oral surgeons, medical aestheticians and otolaryngologists will find they have increased stability and positioning options with the Milano D20 Procedure Chair’s new articulating headrest. The DRE Milano D20 allows clinicians to manually adjust the headrest height by using the adjustment knob and two adjustment levers to change the angle of inclination.

Improved positioning capabilities will allow oral and plastic surgeons to perform office-based procedures with the Milano D20 easier than ever before.

Convenient, wheeled base

The DRE Milano D20 now comes standard with a wheeled base, allowing doctors to move the chair from room to room between procedures.

Leg rest lowers to 90 degrees

Patients and doctors will find that the updated DRE Milano D20 is more accessible than other procedure chairs, partially because of its’ new base that allows the leg rest to lower all the way down to 90 degrees. This feature allows patients of any height to easily sit down comfortably in the chair.

The DRE Milano D20 Procedure Chair comes standard with a foot panel and hand set remote control. Optional accessories include a paper roll holder, thigh supports, an IV rod and more.

For more information on the DRE Milano D20 Procedure Chair, please call and speak with an equipment representative today.

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